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At Sweet Pea Bakery it's all about family. With the support of my husband, Jordan, I have been able to pursue my lifelong dream of opening my own bakery. My sons, Jackson and Finnigan, provided me with the inspiration and motivation to leave teaching and open this bakery.


Family did not start with my little family here. It started with my parents and grandparents. My mom, Sheila, and grandma, Shirley, taught me to bake and always taught me to bake with love.


For health reasons my mom and I both eat a gluten-free diet, which is where my inspiration for GF baking comes from. Let's be honest, eating gluten-free sounds like a good plan, but it's hard to stick with if the food doesn't taste good. I made it my mission to create gluten-free recipes that satisfied our sweet tooth. I am thrilled to share my love of baking with each and every one of you. 



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